Rebirth es la séptima canción del álbum Rebirth.Fue compuesta por Kiko Loureiro y Rafael Bittencourt.



Cooling breeze from a summer day

hearing echoes from your heart learning how to recompose the words let time just fly

joyfull sea-gulls roaming on the shore not a single note would sound raise my head after i dry my face let time just fly Recalling, retreating returning, retreaving a small talk your missing more clever but older now A leader, a learner a lawful beginer a lodger of lunacy so lucid in a jungle a helper, a sinner a scarecroow's agonyzing smile Oh! minutes go round and round inside my head oh! my chest will now explode falling into pieces rain breaks on the ground-blood! One minute forever a sinner regreting my vulgar misery ends (and i) ride the winds of a brand new day high where mountain's stand found my hope and pride again rebirth of a man

Time to fly...
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